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Welcome to Flight Attendant Greetings

Grab your ticket and don't be late!  We would like to welcome you on board our non stop flight with Flight Attendant Greetings!  Where it is more insane at 35,000 ft.!  Whether you are a flight attendant or not you will certainly enjoy all these fun, whimsically illustrated products. They make unique gifts.  So fasten your seatbelt and be prepared for a very fun filled turbulent flight where the sights are unforgettable!

Welcome to our world!

About the Artist
Cathy Leone

Cathy Leone would like to welcome all of you to her fun filled world of Flight Attendant Greetings.   An illustrator as well as a flight attendant,  Cathy shares with you all of the hilarious situations that are experienced   at 35,000 ft.  Her illustrations are created into fun products that have  unique character.  Enjoy all of her illustrations and products.  Once again.....Welcome to our world!!!

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